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Pair's first collaboration was released last week

Frank Sinatra-signed artist, whose 1960s hits included "Lemon Tree," also acted in The Dirty Dozen

The Phish frontman joined the Roots for a fiery take on his Bowie-inspired stomper "I Never Needed You Like This Before" on The Tonight Show

Country duo's headlining arena tour will kick off in Greenville, South Carolina, in September of next year

"Simply put, Facebook is screwing with our election," artist says

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's 'WAP' has Republicans in a tizzy. But when the right wing gets mad about two women of color rapping about sex, it's not a coincidence

Michel and Olivier Gondry created the surreal cartoon clip for British punk band

Keke Palmer will host the socially distanced ceremony taking place around New York City

Companion piece to Simpson's 2019 album furthers the story of the anime film's mysterious driver

Actress-comedian dropped new single featuring Reggie Watts and Kate Berlant

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