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Eminem's new song, "Stepdad," features rock en español royalty Pescado Rabioso

"These touching tributes help to lessen the pain of this terrible loss and remind us all to celebrate his remarkable life and our connections to it," Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson write

From hits like "Long Hot Summer" to giving away his guitar

"I salute Deborah Dugan for her truth and courage to try and effect change," Public Enemy rapper writes

Grammy-nominated singer will release her new album 'Never Will' in April

Vince Gill surprised "Farewell Party" singer during Friday night appearance

Elusive U.K. songwriter sings about the rewards of a quiet life on stand-out from new album 'Countless Branches'

Brooklyn rapper accused of moving $375,000 car from California to New York after it was borrowed for a video shoot

Singer releases a performance video of conversational new song

Texas singer-songwriter delivers 'The River' tracks as hushed prayers

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