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"Now, it's a little too late for us to protect our kid, but now our duty and our job is to protect your kids," activist Manuel Oliver tells Brooklyn Steel crowd

Late New Orleans icon's "Right Place, Wrong Time" was a highlight of early morning free-for-all

Dozen bonus tracks ranging from B-sides to remixes released digitally for first time to celebrate 2004 album

Soul legend delivers "We Get By" and "Change" from new album

Singer plays acoustic "Shake It Off" at event honoring 50th anniversary of Stonewall Uprising

The iconic album remains one of the ultimate tests of how far you are willing to go to give yourself up to music

As promised, rapper releases first tracks of 2019 to celebrate Toronto Raptors' NBA championship

New single follows Swedish DJ/producer's three-track mixtape, Progresso, Volume 1

British group will perform new song on 'James Corden' on June 18th

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