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“Chemistry can be a really amazing, sexy, cool, fun thing, but it can also be very bad for you,” she explains of the title of the LP

Singer breaks her "no guests" rule to give Evermore song its live debut

“Playing to 4,000 people for 34 nights is not enough, and I know that, so I am coming back,” singer says at her final scheduled gig at the Colosseum

Their three-song EP is a chance for the couple to share their buzzy relationship on their own terms

"It’s just extraordinary," Swift says of Ocean Blvd. "I just think she’s the best that we have"

Go backstage at the wildly eclectic public-radio music program: “It’s not easy to explain what Mountain Stage is," says the show's EP. "We have no boundaries"

"No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of innocent people," rapper writes in return to social media

The BTS member's song appears on his debut solo album Face

"He brings that confidence in me that I think I need for tracks like that," Goulding told Rolling Stone

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