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71-year-old allegedly struck friend during argument over whether R&B star was responsible for a certain song

Track appears on rap outfit's new album, 'iridescence'

After owning a right-wing troll who objected to his song "White Man's World," Isbell proves he's a master of the medium

"It's a bit of a mystery," singer said of folk song that's rumored to feature Neil Young

Jerry Moran and Richard Blumenthal call on Michael Rapino for more details on Ticketmaster's resale program

Rapper, singer become vampires in new clip

Young rapper's "Back On My Sh*t" wears its influences on its sleeve, and shows a developing skill-set

A Halloween run, Mexico party and Trey Anastasio solo acoustic tour also make up the band's busy next few months

Downing discusses his new book, 'Heavy Duty,' why he left the pioneering band after more than 40 years and why he was surprised he wasn't asked to rejoin for Priest's current tour

The songwriter also details his new Woody Guthrie-style anthem "Let's Go Rain"

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