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“We done lost a lot of homies to this music shit,” Lamar said as he partied on stage with dozens of Los Angeles luminaries

He actually performed it five times at his hometown show 'The Pop Out: Ken & Friends'

Plaintiffs Michael Fellows and Jason Alvarez voluntarily dismissed their suit on Wednesday

Khan originally recorded Chain of Light 34 years ago, and the project is slated to release on Sept. 20

The inaugural Rocket Foundation Summit hosted by Quavo, alongside the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, took place on Takeoff's birthday

In "Birds Don't Sing," the duo rap about the death of their parents, a stark contrast from the drug deal parables of the early and late 2000s, Vulture reported Wednesday

Musician’s health "had been in decline for several years," Contortions frontman's brother wrote

On this week’s episode of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs, hosts Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos are joined by Rob Base, who tells the story of how the song came together

The online music series blew up during pandemic lockdowns, but hasn't shared new battles since 2022 after the pair settled a lawsuit against the social media app Triller

"Katy knew exactly the album she wanted to make and put together the team to make it happen," a label source tells Rolling Stone of her upcoming LP, which also features collaborators like Stargate, Sarah Hudson, and more

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